Reflecting on my Digital Identity

October 25, 2013

Googling Myself:

  • Why do you think were there so many or so few hits about you?

There were many hits about me. I think this is due to having a fairly uncommon name, and to myself having an online identity since the age of 10; 13 years ago. The fact that I had forgotten this blog existed is proof of that!

  • Would you prefer to have more or less hits, and why?

I think I would prefer to have less hits – as a fair few of my hits are from my teenage years, some of which are highly embarrassing.

  • What might the benefits of having lots of hits on Google be in the future?

If I were to control my digital identity, a lot of (useful) Google hits could give me an edge when looking for a job or, depending on how my career progresses – being headhunted.

  • What potential downsides are there to having many hits on Google?

It depends on the content being displayed, but having many frivolous or embarrassing posts – or those where opinions that I wouldn’t necessarily share with the world – can be easily found, then people looking for me could get a terrible first¬†impression.

  • Explain why your Google-presence may help or hinder you getting a job after your degree.

I believe I already have!



  • What information is available on this public profile? Are there photos visible? Are your interests visible?

Very little – my interests, profile photo and that is about it.

  • What makes you uncomfortable about the visibility of this information, and why?

It could be used by anyone who wanted to find out information about me to target me specifically – however, at the current time I find this somewhat unlikely.

  • Explain why you would be happy/unhappy for a potential employer to see this page.

I wouldn’t be massively bothered by an employer seeing this – nothing on there is particularly harmful.



  • How many “Inappropriate Content” alerts did you receive?


  • Why do you think Reppler flagged this content as “inappropriate”?

The use of alcohol and swearing.

  • How would you explain this content to a potential employer at interview?

I would explain that in the context of my friends and my life at that moment in time it was justified. I would also let them know that I would be managing my online identity better in future.

  • How many privacy and security risk alerts did you receive?


  • Explain why they are privacy or security risks. How might someone nefarious use this information to harm or inconvenience you?

It is a piece of data that could be used as a common security question.


The Faces of Facebook:

  • What face number are you? (use the map marker button to locate yourself)


  • Describe the impact of a billion people’s public profile photos.

It’s very interesting to see that many people in one place. Unique.

  • What is your opinion of this app, and why?

It makes me feel very small, and insignificant – at the same time I know that anyone can see me. It’s unsettling, yet interesting.






February 29, 2008

I can’t keep on top of everything, if anyone has any patrticularly nifty ideas aboutvhow I can make more hours in the day, I’d love to hear them…Anyway, while I’m here, listen to these bands:

Natalies Box, One Night Only, The Wombats.

Trust me.


Back from the dead.

February 26, 2008

Due to my eternal boredom, I’ve decided to take up blogging again. Although, due to my eternal boredom, it might not be very interesting. OK, I’ll make a list of what’s happened in my absence:

My Love left.

I passed my driving test.

I crashed my car.

Hmm, I’m tired, can’t think of anything else. But if, by some miracle anyone reads this, leave me a message, I’m lonely.


The holidays!!! Brilliant…isn’t it?

August 2, 2007

I’m glad to finally be on holiday, but I haven’t really had a break yet. I’m still very busy. I need to meet up with a friend and get hammered, and just veg out for a few days. That would be lovely. But I still have a lot on at the moment, so that will have to wait. I’m so knackered. But I don’t want to sleep. It’s just no fun. I’m really quite happy at the moment, bar one or two things. Still, the weather’s improving, so hopefully my outloo will too. Night, all.

Life in general…

July 23, 2007

What’s going on? I have so many things that I want. The opposite seems to happen, I mean, honestly when am I going to get dealt something I want? There is a particualr thing actually, and it’s spiralling into a physical need, and it’s something I’ve never experienced. But if you want something that badly surely you’ll get a chance one day? Also my college coursework is totally fucked. I’ve lost one folder, one is totally incomplete and the other one is ok, actually. And I’m under so much pressure. I just want everything to go away. Well nearly everything.

Another day, another tragedy.

July 19, 2007

Oh wonderful, I woke up ill, tired and annoyed this morning. What have I done to get all of this shit, all at once? I can’t wait for the summer. Hopefully I can put everything behind me and start afresh, but we all know that won’t happen, it can’t happen. I can’t stop thinking about all the things that are haunting me at the moment, and it’s killing me. Sometimes it seems like no-one cares, but then at least someone very close will have what they need to comfort me or cheers me up, or just to even listen to my side of the story.

On another note, I’m behind at college, way behind, so yeah, it’s all good. I need to get out there and meet new people, according to most, but how can you do that when your faith in people in general is at its lowest ebb. I need help, and fast.

This whole betrayal thing is so new to me…

July 18, 2007

Well, I’ve started blogging again, because I need somewhere to put my thoughts otherwise I think I’ll go insane. I shall stay as I was, and mention no names in derogatory terms, these people will, however, know who they are. But first, I’d like to say thanks to Mark, Dan, Kate and Janine for being there for me through this whole thing. Where do I start, though? How can I describe the massive chain of disappoinmets my life seems to be building for me, every day I get a new one, and a new thing to add to my list of things to worry about. I just want to finish college now so that all that pressure will be off of me but that’s there as well, coupled with everything I now know, and can’t stop thinking about. Am I about to cross a line with my sanity? I hope not, but I feel like it.